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Welcome to the Citizen Portal for the Education Authority (Northern Ireland)

The Citizen Portal allows you to submit online applications for the following departments:

School Admissions This Portal is currently used for pre-school and primary applications only. Letters notifying parents of their child’s post primary placement will issued by the Education Authority (EA) for receipt on 4 June 2020. It is expected that primary schools will assist parents if the letter does not arrive and EA will have a helpdesk available from 1pm. For further details please visit With regard to pre-school and primary applications please note that any changes you now make in the portal will not be considered as part of the current admissions procedure. If you had submitted an online application for a pre-school or primary place you can log in to view your child’s pre-school/school placement from 12 noon on Wednesday 29 April 2020.

Children in Entertainment and Employment Team (CEET) -Chaperones If you have received an invitation from CEET please proceed to login/registration as outlined below. Please do not proceed if you have not received an invitation to become a registered chaperone.

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